Model's Ink Hair Studio - Where you don't have to walk on a runway to be a model!
Team Biography

Morgan Courtney: Specialize In Protective Hair with all weave service

Morgan always  had a fascination for hair at the age  8 she remembers her mother showing her how to cornrow and how she used to bug her to teach her more. Around 13 she learned how to use the stove tools and it was all up hill from there. Then she finally started putting this obsession to work. She styled hair all through high school for family and friends . She really love doing hair and that was her passion. She eventually went away to college just to be respectful of her parents wishes.
She received  her bachelor degree in business , But her heart was still in hair so she enrolled in cosmetology school were she received her license
Now she is living a dream she always wanted, in a salon that feels more like a second home, providing all the customer service and hair care i ever wanted to give. As a stylist at Models ink, She specialize in sew in weaves ,versatile sew in weaves, custom wigs, crochets styles, braids styles ,locks, natural hair care , (ALL EYE LASHES EXTENSION) and more. She always eager to answer any client's questions. Please feel free to call models ink and ask for a consultation to meet or speak with her personally about any hair services.

 Lawrence Watts:  Senior stylist, In salon education
Lawrence is a native of Hampton, Virginia and graduate of the Virginia School of Hair Design.   He also worked as a Stylist and Salon Manager at various Virgina salons for 10 years before moving to Philadelphia in 1996.  Lawrence ended his wonderful stay at Xquisite Hair Design,  after 14 faithful years in mid-2011.  He has begun a brand new opportunity at Model's INK Hair Studio.
Lawrence has been licensed for over 23 years.   Now proudly  a staff member of Model's Ink, Lawrence holds the title of Salon Manager,  in salon education, Hair Stylist.   Lawrence willingly mentors fellow staff members with salon related issues such as, color processing,  styling, cutting,  weaving and the lace weaving application.  Over the past 23 years he gained experience as a licensed stylist and has advanced his education in hair coloring and Sew-in-Weave.   He has taken many different classes in a pursuit of delivering professional hair care and styles to his clients.  Lawrence plans to always further his education in order to ensure professionalism and dedication to his craft.
For the last 5 years Lawrence has studied and became a specialist in Lace front Wigs Systems.
Lawrence not only performs  lace wig services but he also trains when he has opportunity. He is very passionate about the hair and fashion industry as to the latest styles & trends
In addition to his weaving skills,  Lawrence now does, full micro bead sewn weaves!
  RebelStylist: Color Artist
Introduced to the world of hair and fashion at a young age,  Melanie is as creative as they come. With over 15 years of experience,  She has molded her techniques,  by attending  Empire Beauty Academy.   In addition to attending one of the area's most successful schools.   She has worked with the regions top stylists.   Cultivating, reinventing skills and trends in the industry.   Melanie has worked with clients of various hair types and textures.   Making her a "multi-cultural" stylist in the industry.  Melanie's specializing in healthy hair care  for women. She is a artist in weaving and creative styling.  100% is given to every client style created.   She is one of the best color tect in the this craft.   Melanie  believes beauty comes from within and should always be shown on the outside.  With a charismatic personality "Dare You Attitude" Melanie consistently pushes the boundaries of the beauty industry.
Nakia Rolling Bagby:  Owner, Stylist
Nakia has 10 years of experience in the haircare industry.  She graduated at the top of her class.  She also returns to Empire Beauty School annually as one of the leaders to volunteer her time for Career Day and speak to the new students.  Nakia is married and has 3 children.  Haircare is Nakia's passion and she makes it her priority get to know and maintain excellent relationships with all of her clients. 
  After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina,  Nakia organized a fund raiser and sent the proceeds to New Orleans as her contribution to the cause.    
Specialties are:  sew-in weaves,  cuts, color, & hair growth.  Nakia is well education on Paul Mitchell, Matrix,   It's10,   Moroccan product.  She ensures that her  clients have all knowledge on what need to maintained  there hair.   Nakia is very professional.   Nakia and her staff caters to each and every client. Nakia is known for her extravagant acts on bobs.   Named the "Bob Queen".